At Bahia Marine INC, we are dedicated to you and all of your different yacht rigging needs from cruising to racing, inshore and offshore. 

We've been in business for over 60 years. Our most important goal is engineering your goals for your vessel to get you on the water quickly, safely  and enjoying it. 

The benefits you will enjoy:

- Over 60 years of experience

- Knowledgeable staff

- Provide solutions to any idea you  have.

- We can make most schedules work

- Knowledge for cruising Mexico and California. 

Services we provide:

- Cable Swage up to 1/2 

- Nicro Pressing up to 3/8

- Ball Swages up to 3/32

- Roller Fullers Sales & Service

- Line Splicing

- Custom Running Rigging

- Standing Rigging

- Steering Cables

- Architecture Cables

- Custom Cables and Lines 

- Lifelines Coated and Uncoated

- Wire Cable 1x19, 7x19, 7x7

- Samson Line